Welcome to my blog!  This blog idea actually came to me in a dream (cliche’ I know). I think in light of the toxic election , and seeing the disgust and anger over social media feeds it inspired me to “Take A Stand”.

Browsing Facebook and seeing people deleting friends over their opinions and voting preference just frustrated me.  As a teacher, I had so much to say but ultimately felt I could not say anything either! I had to remain professional and didn’t want to upset my “friends” on Facebook; or in life , or even risk my job.

So, Take the Floor is a blog to illicit our truest of feelings on Hot Topic issues! We will post our reader’s Hottest Topic issue rant/question.  It will be an open ended discussion about Race, Religion. Politics, media, The Environment, etc.

Why? What’s the Point?

The Point is,  Real Change Can Never Happen If…

We feel censored by what we say on these issues because we fear public opinion, fear our employers, fear retaliation etc.

After a question or vent has been asked, you (my readers) will be able to safely, openly respond from the heart. Now…..in life their are rules at Take the Floor there is 1.



Remember if you want to remain anonymous, please enter a nickname rather than a real name.;)No email address is required!