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Thoughts About The New Trump Presidency?

9 thoughts on “Thoughts About The New Trump Presidency?

  1. What do I think of the election? I think it is the best thing to happen to our democracy. Our government needed a major reset and Trump provided that reset. What do I think of the Trump presidency? No worries here. People are sick and tired of the same old thing from politicians….poems, prayers, and promises. We were overdue for this. Before I get flamed for being a racist you might want to know one thing. I’m a white male and the proud grandfather of a black grandson. And for all of those I read about fearing for their daughters. Give me a break. Hillary enabled and protected one of the worse predators of women.. Trump will be too busy building a wall for anyone to have to worry about their daughters.

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    1. You’re saying that Bill Clinton was one of the worst predators on women?…when was that? All of his women loved him as I recall….whereas Trump will be in court accused of assault next month…… I think I’ll reserve my opinion of if I prefer “the same ole thing”…..


  2. That is BS. Women waited 39 Years to make comments regarding a billionaire and no one tried to extort money….that’s because he never did anything and never paid anyone like clinton did.


    1. Clinton didn’t pay anything. They extort money. She said when they left the White House, they were poor. She put the privet server in the bathroom so she can use her State Department position to extort money from different countries and Bill can get exuberant money Named Speaking Fee…


  3. We finally got an outsider who is not indebted to the lobbyists.He spent his own money and small donation from just ordinary people. Hilary was paid by the Wall street and lobbyists to run her campaign. she ran ads that were all hateful, with no massage. I knew Donald will win.


  4. In a civilized and democratic country the person who gets the majority of the votes is elected. In addition if the election is rigged as the pervert elect says, new voting should take place.


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