I only see one Race that ever really yells “RACISM!” in our country …Why is that?!? Is the racism real in a big way, or does it more expose them as the most SENSITIVE and possibly the WEAKEST of us all?

Most of us with any years notched on our belt have seen this unfold before our eyes. I could not say to which race I am referring to, and yet I bet all would know where I am going with this; the American Black Community.

The latest response by self proclaimed “King James” (ol’ Lebron) to Phil Jackson’s “posse” comment is absolutely absurd and I just have to finally say something. Lebron says that using the word posse is racist against African Americans …he says that if we don’t believe him to “look it up”. I didn’t think it was racist, so I looked it up. Wow Lebron, did YOU look it up? Webster’s definition of Posse: 1. A large group with a common interest. 2. A body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency. 3. a group of people temporarily organized to make a search (as for a child). That’s it.

I believe that the American Black Community has been taught to be so sensitive that any comment made by especially a white person is racist. In fact, I think that they have been taught that most if not all Whites are racist. Who taught them this?? …their parents I assume, their idol rappers, their BET, their NAACP, or anyone else they look to for leadership. Now I could go on and on about how the American White Community has done everything in their power to help the American Black Community to advance. Freed them, did away with segregation, protected them, and have been giving them (along with other minorities) benefits that the majority American White Community couldn’t participate in …well except pay for them. Yet no matter how much the American White Community are NOT racist and GIVE to the American Black Community, as a whole we are still racist??

From ALL races (if I may speak on behalf of us all), I would like to say …SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We don’t believe you anymore! Will there always be racism from all races including the American Black Community? Yes. But is the American Black Community the only race that falls victim? No. Did you hear me Black Lives Matter?? You are not the only race that matters! We know why you continue to yell from the roof top …the squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? Well we are tired of oiling that same ol’ squeak with it’s hand out. The sound is annoying and we are so tired of paying for it while being called racist!

Get ….over……it!

Am I alone in my thinking?