So, after school ( I’m a teacher),  the topic of the devastating fires in Gatlinburg, Tn. came up.  The wildfires (14 and counting) have destroyed the famous tourist spot. One of our teammates said, ” Do you think the world is ending ya’ll”( we live in the south)? We all chuckled but said, “yep”. Then, we discussed all the tragedies happening lately.  The plane crashing with the Colombian soccer team, the fires, the earthquakes and one snarky team mate mentioned Trump winning the election!  They take these as signs of our end.  Do you?

The seven signs of the Biblical apocalypse, as dictated by the Book of Revelations in the Bible, include……..

1.Religious Deception


3. Famine

4. Pestilence

5.Tribulation and Martyrdom

6.Signs in the Heavens


So, fellow friends, bloggers, readers, internet surfers and religious learners…..Which if any of the seven signs do you think we have seen transpire?  Please list which one and explain your thinking!